Western Dental can provide

Western dental
Total oral health care using advanced diagnostic skills

Experience over many years enables early diagnosis and therefore prompt presentation of the appropriate treatment options for your concerns

Western dental
Deliver pain free treatment including conscious sedation and intraligamentary local anaesthetic

A range of pain relief options enables you to select the one that best suits you and your circumstances at the time

Western dental
Pregnancy and child care advice

Reassurance for the Mother-to-be about her own dental health and advice concerning the baby’s developing teeth can be really beneficial and comforting during this amazing time

Western dental
All aspects of smile restoration. From implants, crowns and bridges to straightening teeth and whitening.

A happy smile is gift to both the owner and the recipient. Confidence in your teeth allows the smile to light up without hesitation

Western dental
Specialist referrals mostly within the Fremantle area

At Western Dental we are always open to sharing your care with Specialist colleagues as Team Work is often the best path to the best outcomes

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